80k Club Thank You

Whaaaaaat, it's wild to think that there are 80k of us.

What started as a small run of hats and beanies made for a small ‘club’ of mates has come so far.

In a world where everything and everyone is overly curated and manicured, the ‘club’ started as a place for those of us who don’t look quite like the people in our favourite photos but have twice as much fun. A place for those of us who love good times, music, art, people, mates, late nights, kick ons, bad tatts, good Mexican and everything in between. We wanted to create a different type of culture, a culture that paints life for what it is, beautifully-imperfect. A world that celebrates quality people and real experiences. Nothing pretentious, no drama, just bare bones. And now holy whack, there is 80K of us.

To see that message go so far, is rad. Thanks for being part of the club! Add in your details below and enjoy a free gift on us!


Some flicks from the journey: